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So there’s cute people and there’s hot people right? But then theRE’S PEOPLE WHO ARE CUTE AND HOT AND SOMETIMES AT THE SAME TIME AND IT’S NOT FAIR.

Why do you like that Korean boy band so much?

They’re weirdos (ft. DUMBnee).



@mbcbluenight: 푸른밤 종현입니다 200일 촛불 끄는 쫑디. 케이크는 특별히 자몽맛으로♡

Blue Night, I’m Jonghyun. Jjongd blowing out the 200th day candles. The cake is a special jamong (grapefruit)


Yo, anyone dissing Yongguk’s new tattoo, you can get the fuck over it because like news flash, he didn’t get it for you.


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